Pro Pittman – Zone (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


This video was the most fun I’ve ever had at a shoot. We just kinda ran around a carnival. There were some trials and tribulations (broken camera parts, broken lightbulbs, setbacks, reshoots etc.) but out of it, came this beautiful slow burn.

I want to extend my truly undying love to Ashley. You are as close to Aphrodite as the world may ever know and you gave this video something indescribable.

I wanna say peace to Pro Pittman for making these sultry notes and letting me be a part of bringing them to the ears and eyes of the public. You are a fucking inspiration to me and everyone around you. I’ll sing your praises forever.

Peace to Tyler. You were down for whatever and it put me at ease knowing you’d come through…even if it was for mostly nothing. You’re my brother and I appreciate the shit outta you.

Peace to Tim and Kelsey…without whom this was still clearly possible, but you guys are absolute peaches anyway and I love you both.

Peace to hashish, chicken sandwiches…San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda. Peace to iPhone 4s and above. Peace to whoever delivers the mail and the guy that clears the weeds next to my house. Peace to Don Alvaro St. Germaine Germain. Peace to Harlem. Peace to Itzza Pizza for the slices for the low.

Love u

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